Bride's Attendants
Christine Maselbas
Elizabeth Hartnett
Beth is Carol's older sister...but we won't tell you by
how much.  She's an amazing woman who juggles a
full-time job, three children and a household (sharing
duties with her incredible husband Mike) all with grace
and style.  She's a smart cookie (she's wicked smaaaht
in math & science) and can battle any gal with her
sewing machine (ohh, watch out or she'll hem you
in!!). She and her family  lived outside of Chicago
(they moved back to NY 2 yrs. ago) for many years,
and we are thrilled to welcome them back to the east
coast.  Carol is so thankful to have her sis by her side
on her big day!!
Chris and Carol grew up together in Beverly, MA.  
After sharing lockers together in the 6th grade, they
went on to be great friends. From stories of first
boyfriends, to band, to cheering, to working
together, to enjoying the Vineyard and Europe...the
memories are many.  Chris is a die-hard Sox fan
living in the Evil Empire...NYC.  A traveler through
and through, Chris is always up for an adventure.  
No matter the circumstance, she handles every
situation with a great attitude and a focus on fun.  
Don't try to tell this one she can't do something, she
WILL prove you wrong.  We are so happy she is
standing up with us on our special day!
Nancy Shane
Blake Fitch
Nancy is a truly supportive friend who always brings
insight and a great zest for life.  A woman of many
trades (former music major, Latin teacher, pilot) she is
currently following her dream of becoming an NTSB
investigator or owning her own airline.  Nancy and
Carol met through Nancy's parents, Rosalie and Jim
(who have also become great friends).  The Shanes are
a great family, who have become like relatives to Carol
and Paul.  We are excited to be sharing our day with
such a great friend!
Blake and Carol became fast friends after being
introduced by a mutual acquaintance a few years
ago. Both with a passion for travel, art and sports,
Carol and Blake have tons in common…not to
mention their whacky sense(s) of humor. Originally
hailing from the South, Blake has lived, worked, and
gone to school in New York City and Chicago
before settling down in Boston.  As a photographer
and as a director of a museum of photography,
Blake is an extremely well respected professional in
the world of photography (she’s even graciously
taken our beautiful engagement photos!). Also an
athlete, Blake excels at cycling and recently added
Cycle Cross to her repertoire!  But first and
foremost she’s a great friend in good times and in
bad…and that’s why we are so happy to have her
share this day…
Whoopee Pie Girl
Sarah Batchelder
Cate Hartnett
Sarah (the ROCK to some of us) is one of Carol’s
oldest friends. After meeting on the softball field in
4th grade and rebelling against the authorities by
taking off their mom-enforced winter hats (“you don’t
want to catch a cold deeyah”), their team went on to
win the city championship that year (er…we won’t
say the year…that might date us).  Since then, Sarah
and Carol have shared many wonderful memories and
hilarious times.  Sarah’s a multi-talented gal who has
run 8 (wowza!), yes 8 marathons (and 1 triathlon!).  
She’s a nurse by trade, a devoted volunteer for
numerous organizations, a passionate adventurer, and
traveler at heart.  On any given day, she and her
husband Tim can be found kayaking, hiking or fixing
up their new home.  She and Tim were even engaged
in Brazil after escaping bandits (now THAT’S an
engagement story). We recently (August 5, 2006)
shared in their wedding at the beautiful Batchelder
farm in New Ipswich, NH.
Groom's Attendants
Steve Schuster
Jeff Schuster
Jeff has that rare gift of being able to connect with
everyone and make them smile and laugh.  It's his
thoughtfulness and the surprising insight he brings to
situations, though, that continue to impress us.  He and
his wife, Kaethe, have been more than family, at times,
and we truly cherish their friendship.  It's impossible
for us to get together without making new stories or, to
the chagrin of those around us, reliving old ones.  In
any case, it's never dull and we wouldn't want it any
other way!  
Steve and Paul have been friends and confidants
through good times and bad.  Steve's  been as
much of a support to Paul as anyone and we're
thrilled that he and his new wife, Carolyn, have
embraced the adventure of a new life together.  
They live in the outskirts (make that the WAY
outskirts) of Phoenix and occasionally the Eastern
Schusters receive word that yet another four
legged friend has been adopted into the Western
Schuster clan.
Tom Lavoie
Michael Landsittel
Tom is Carol’s older brother and an all around great
guy. He is thoughtful, kind, smart, funny, stylish and a
wiz in the kitchen. Go ahead, ask him if he has a
kitchen gadget…any kitchen gadget, and he is sure to
wow you as it pulls it from the drawer. Tom has
always been a great big brother even back to the teasing
days of yesteryear.  I have always admired his drive,
intelligence and all around kindness. He’s always been
only a phone call away with great wisdom, truthful
advice and a helping hand. We are thrilled to have
celebrated Tom’s own nuptials to the lovely Karen on
June 3rd.
Mike and Paul met and became friends up at Tuck,
rooming together for both years and sharing a
passion for Wolverine football!  Just mere
coincidence that they both happened to have
attended Michigan - though they didn't know each
other at the time.  Mike (and his patient wife,
Holly) have been incredibly gracious; lending a
spare bedroom when needed, hosting ever
increasingly complex Thanksgiving dinners, and
being just incredibly supportive friends.  Mike's
originally from Chicago, but splits his allegiance
between his NL Cubs and his AL Sox.
Jon Hodges
Bill Hartnett
Bill and Cate may be twins, but are little alike.  Bill's a little imp to Cate's princess!  Bill's thrills include
Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon, Transformers, video games, and hiking.  He's also a big Red Sox and Boston College
fan - though I think that may be his father, Mike's, influence!  Bill's a wonderful guy, with a great smile and a
zany sense of humor.  He'll be perfect at our wedding!
Flower Girl
Flower Girl
Mary Hartnett
Mary's just about the cutest 3 year old in the world ... though we're a little biased.  She's a little giggler, full of
good times and spunkiness.  And, if you're lucky, you may be able to convince her to bounce up and down on
the dance floor sometime during the evening!  
Patty Russell
Patty is one of Paul's closest and dearest friends -
a former housemate from Tuck who has had the
unfortunate responsibility of keeping Paul sane
and grounded, even while he tended to insert his
foot into his mouth far too often.  She's an
amazing person, full of spunk and Texas fire,
though living far too far away in Seattle,
Washington, doing work as a strategy consultant
for large foundations.  She's a great, grounded
individual who always belonged as part of our
wedding party!
Lesley Williams
Lesley and Paul met in California while both were
training with the Leukemia Society for their first
marathons (Paul in NYC and Lesley in Cancun).  
They've remained close friends ever since.  She
currently lives in San Francisco and is now training
for a host of triathlons (as well as, get this, a
marathon in Antarctica!)  
Lauren Camp
Lauren (Lindh) Camp is a dear friend of Carol’s from
when they met at Dickinson College in Carlisle PA.
Always a true friend with a witty remark and a
willingness to head out on the town, Lauren and
Carol spent many an “all nighter” out and about.  As
life has changed and paths continue on, Lauren has
remained a true friend with a heart of gold. A lawyer
and a native of the Pittsburgh area, Lauren and her
husband Bill are about to welcome their second child
to the Camp entourage.
Jon and Paul attended High School together back in
Birmingham, MI.  Though they were a year apart, both
were inseparable in school - to the point of the
Schusters unofficially adopting Jon as their "fourth
son".  Jon's been through a lot, but his loyalty to his
friends and his unwavering devotion to his wife are
standards by which few measure up.  He and Kathleen
recently welcomed little Janet into their lives and Jon
spends much of his time, now, balancing the
responsibilities of new fatherhood with the rigors of
studying in the Lutheran faith.
Cate's far too grown up to be only 8 years old!  She and Bill are twins, though are hardly anything alike.  
Cate's a tremendous athlete and shows real skill on the basketball court.  She also really enjoys cooking,
archaeology, video games, and anything she can dance to on the Disney Channel!  She's got a great sense of
humor and is going to be one of the first people we're going to look for to join us on the dance floor!
Wedding Party
Carol & Paul
September 15, 2007
Junior Groomsman
Cutest girl in the world!
Michael Gillespie
reconnected on Martha’s Vineyard after college.
reconnected on Martha’s Vineyard after college.
Michael has always been a solid and true friend. He
and his business partner have successfully opened
two restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard (one is
Asian/sushi and the other a steak house). A man of
intelligence with a passion for travel, food and
motorcycles, Mike is always up for a great
conversation and a good time. He and his wife
Cameron just celebrated their wedding on Martha’s
Vineyard in April of 2007 and we have enjoyed
getting to know this wonderful woman as she adds
to and compliments this wonderful and
compliments this wonderful man.