Our engagement dinner at Theo's
The Tongue
At Tom's place in Beacon Hill on July 4, 2005
On the Duomo in Florence, Oct. 2005
Au Sable Canoe Marathon, 2005 w/ Kaethe, Jeff, and Ginny
In New Zealand
The Black Dog on the Vineyard
With Nancy at the Barking Crab for Carol's Birthday
In Bruno's cellar, 2005.  If you need to ask who Bruno is,
then you don't need to know who Bruno is ... capische?
With Chris prior to Game 1 of the World Series
Dr. Daniel Fisher House
The Old Whaling Church
Our Lighthouse
Dave Delorey, Carol's Mom, and Den Delorey (the Delorey
Ye Olde Sugar Shackers
The Beverly Mafia - circa 1926
Photo Album
Carol & Paul
September 15, 2007
So .... where's the ball?