It goes without saying that we're just thrilled to have so many wonderful people in our lives that we
can share our big day with.  
Above all else, your attending our wedding is a truly special gift to us.

But, knowing that many of you would feel the need to bring gifts anyway, we decided to register at the
following stores.  The links below will take you to each store’s web site.
Crate & Barrel
Williams Sonoma
Bed, Bath & Beyond
We felt very comfortable with the stores above and have a fair number of items listed at each.  We
wanted to make certain that we had a large selection and range of choices for everyone to choose

However, if none of the above inspire or you are looking for options for group gifts, we've included a
few non-traditional gift ideas below.  If you're concerned about duplicating any of our extra registry
items, give Paul's Mom a call at 843.342.5558 to both ask her if anyone else is thinking along these
lines - but also, to let her keep track of who is and is not going to be purchasing these items.  
There's not a convenient registry list like we have on the above links!

Kayaks!  (Carol and I live about a block and a half to the Salem harbor.  We can't wait to paddle
out to the islands on a warm weekend day!  We figured it would be fun to register for TWO of the
following kayaks! Blue for Carol and Orange for Paul)

Tsunami 120 kayaks from EMS

2)  Golf Clubs!  (Carol's been a very quick learner and has really taken to the game.  Besides, she
desperately wants to lose the Donkey's Ass at this year's tournament ... don't ask.  But she could
definitely use her own set of clubs!)

We'll stop by a driving range in the spring and have her decide what Irons and Woods she would
prefer - so check back if you want some specifics as to the set we decide upon for her.

3)  Mariposa (Carol loves this sandcast aluminum of the Mariposa line of products.  Unfortunately,
they don't sell directly over the Internet, nor do they have a fun registry option.  So, we've had to get
somewhat creative in offering these items to y'all as an option.  Listed below are a handful of items,
though you'll have to click in the retailer section of the Mariposa website to find a dealer close to you!)

Mariposa Home Page

Suggested Items:
Flip Flop Server
Twisted Box with Flip Flop Weight & Luncheon Napkins by Caspari
Beaded Box with Margarita Weight & Cocktail Napkins by Caspari
Mussel Shell Server
Artichoke Cheese Board
Scallop Shell Rectangular Tray, Blue
Starfish Rectangular Tray, Turquoise
Gift Registry
Carol & Paul
September 15, 2007
Simon Pearce