There are a number of different ways to get to the island.  The Steamship Authority
runs a frequent ferry service from the hamlet of Woods Hole in Falmouth to Vineyard
Haven or Oak Bluffs on the island.  The Steamship Authority is really your only option if
you're looking to bring a vehicle over - for which we'd suggest making a reservation for
the car well in advance!

The Pied Piper
leaves from Falmouth and drops passengers off right in Edgartown.  
nd there are a couple of ferries that also leave from Montauk (in NY) and Providence
(in RI) for those who are coming from points outside of Boston.

Martha's Vineyard also operates a seasonal airfield that accepts flights from Cape Air,
US Airways and United.  Prices are a tad higher than for flying into Boston, directly, but
you do avoid the 1.5 hour drive to the Cape, too!

For more information, visit:

Rental Cars
There are plenty of options for on-island transportation once you get to Martha's
Vineyard.  If you wish to bring your car over, you'll have to reserve a space on the
Steamship Authority as mentioned above.  There are also Hertz or Budget rental car
locations located on-island if you happen to flying in.  Visit the
Hertz website or Budget
website  to reserve.

The taxi companies on the island offer a good alternative to bringing your own
transportation.  If you don't plan on going up-island (eg. Menemsha or Gay Head) or if
you plan on biking around the Edgartown/Oak Bluffs area, a cab ride to and from the
ferry may be all that you need.  From Vineyard Haven, the cab fare to Edgartown is
around $35.  For Oak Bluffs, the fare is slightly less.  They will typically have a large
stand of minivans waiting at the ferry terminals and at key points in each of the towns,
so you shouldn't have problems finding a ride.  However, the following phone
numbers can be used to call a cab from anywhere on the island.  (We have All Island
taxi programmed into our cell phones, though any of these cab companies are fine)

Accurate Cab-                                         627-9798, 888-557-9798
Adamcab-                                                508-627-4462, 800-281-4462
All Island Taxi-                                        508-693-2929, 800-693-TAXI
Atlantic Cab-                                            508-693-7110, toll-free, 877-477-8294
Bluefish Taxi-                                          508-627-7373
Jon's Taxi-                                               508-627-4677, 508-627-5298
Mario's Taxi-                                            508-693-8399, 877-627-6972, 508-645-2377
Marlene's Taxi-                                       508-693-0037, 800-281-TAXI
Martha's Vineyard Taxi Company-      508-693-8660, 877-454-5900
Patti's Taxi-                                              508-693-1663
Stagecoach Taxi-                                   508-693-9632, 800-299-5411
Tisbury Taxi-                                           508-693-7660, 508-693-7475
Your Taxi-                                                508-693-0003, 800-396-0003

And, lastly, the public transportation system is a great third option for those of you just
wanting to get from one town to another.  The Martha's Vineyard buses run out of Oak
Bluffs, Vineyard Haven, and Edgartown regularly and cost $1 per town, each way,
including town of origin.  Check out the following website for information.
Getting Around