For those who haven't met her, yet, you'll be amazed at the grace and warmth that Carol
brings.  She is a wonderful friend, a supportive partner, and an amazingly beautiful person.  
She has experienced so much in life already, having grown up in Beverly, MA (just north
of Boston) before going off to school at Dickinson College in mid-Pennsylvania.  She's
succeeded professionally, having lived on the Vineyard for 7 years working in the art
community and eventually running one of the more well known galleries on the island.  
Currently she works just south of Boston and leads the development (fundraising) efforts
for the Commonwealth Museum, the official history museum of Massachusetts.  Her
enthusiasm for art and history is contagious, as is her smile and great sense of humor.  She's
always surrounded by friends, which says something about the wonderful person she is.  
I'm extraordinarily fortunate to have found her, and even more fortunate to have convinced
her to spend the rest of her life with me.
Paul is an incredible guy.  I truly feel so blessed to have found him.  Of course everyone
says that about the person they are about to marry…but really, he’s a wicked good catch.
(Sorry, had to throw down with my Boston roots). From our first date, we just clicked, and
I realized what a truly good human being I was spending time with.  As we grew to know
one another, I learned how intelligent, goal-oriented, caring, romantic, adventurous,
thoughtful and downright goofy he is….which is of course perfect!! Paul has had many
great successes in his life, but you can really tell the merit of this man by his relationships
with his friends and family.  He’s the first guy you’ll make friends with at a party…the
first to lend a hand…and the last one to leave.  (ie…friendly…helpful…knows how to have
a good time).  Always with a goal in mind, whether it be getting his degree in engineering, to
his MBA at Tuck to the recent Boston Marathon, he always remains focused and purpose
driven.  I admire his ability to juggle multiple responsibilities, goals, our dog Amos
and…me (who me? I’m not a handful  ).  Amidst it all, he keeps an even keel and always
has a great perspective on life, a big smile and goofy joke.  Perfect balance exhibited by the
perfect guy…
How we got engaged!
June 3rd, 2006 -
Carol goes to the Vineyard every year at the start of June to train staff at a gallery (the Old Sculpin Gallery) that
she's still involved with.  I usually come along for the trip and spend my days wandering the streets of Edgartown
while she's training the staff.  This particular Saturday, she closed up the gallery around 3 in the afternoon and met
up with me to go to her favorite candy store just down the street.  Since we still had plenty of time before dinner, I
asked if she wanted to tour Edgartown with me and show me some of the more interesting spots.  She agreed and we
decided to start out by the Edgartown lighthouse.  We walked out to the beach surrounding the lighthouse and were
blessed to have the beach to ourselves that day.  As we stood in front of the lighthouse and gazed out over the
harbor, I told Carol that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else, and dropped to one knee to ask
for her hand.  In amidst the tears and hugging, she said "yes" and I slipped the ring over her finger.  I read her a poem
that I had prepared for her - a silly little piece, but it had been fun to write - before we walked back into town to call
all of our friends and family.  Before we left, though, we stopped to pluck a couple of beach roses from the beach - a
memento of the occasion.  That evening we went to a fabulous restaurant up-island (Theo's) and savored the first
evening of our engaged lives!
After the Wedding
While we haven't decided on the honeymoon details, yet, we're positive that we'll be travelling overseas and enjoying
a new culture in some way.  Whether that's the Caribbean, the South Pacific or the Mediterranean is up in the air.  
Please let us know of your favorite places to travel and where you would suggest that we go!
Special Message from the Couple
We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and can't wait for you to join us for the festivities!  While
we're excited to be celebrating the new life that we are starting together, we also know that we're celebrating the
joining of our two families (and our circles of friends) and the prospect of a wonderful future with all of you.  
Thanks for making our wedding (and lives) so amazing.
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