posted by Paul:

Paul's top ten list from the wedding:

10)  Enjoying a dram of Scotch with my groomsmen prior to leaving for the church
9)  Eating lunch at the Newes on Thursday with Lesley, Kaethe, and Jeff
8)  Doing a body shot off of Carol at the Wharf on Thursday night
7)  Drinking Shiner Bock at my wedding!!!!  Thanks Capt. Clifford!
6)  Listening to Ed Saulnier's toast to Carol's Dad
5)  Walking on South Beach the morning of my wedding with Amos splashing through
the waves
4)  Seeing Will Spaulding & Janet Hodges for the first time
3)  Driving away from the church in the baby blue Galaxie convertible
2)  Having dinner with Michael and Cameron on Monday evening
1)  Watching Carol walk down the aisle
September 18th, 2007
September 15, 2007