posted by Paul:

whoosh ...

That was the sound of a wedding going by ...

After fifteen months of planning, Carol and I are thrilled that the weekend turned out to
be everything that we could have hoped for.  The details, decorations, flowers, cake,
and all of the small stuff, though, paled in comparison to the incredible group of family
and friends that joined us for our special day.  A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all
of our guests.  The party would not (COULD not) have been the same without you.

Belated apologies to all of you to whom we could not greet and chat with for very long.  
The wedding day, itself, flew by at such unprecedented pace.  If we happened to miss
you, or had only a brief chance for a quick embrace, please forgive us.  We certainly
appreciate all of the effort that everyone made in joining us.

In the coming weeks, I will try and attempt to post pictures and links on the website so
that everyone can relive the memories of the weekend.  Please send along your
favorite shots.

And, while Carol and I can't wait to view the many, MANY pictures from the weekend,
the stories are, just now, starting to roll in.  PLEASE fill us in on your favorite moments
and memories from any of the events.  Whether it is grabbing a beer at lunch at the
Newes with good friends (thanks Jeff, Kaethe, and Lesley), to rolling the keg down Main
Street in Edgartown (we won't mention who!), to knocking back margaritas straight from
the bottle while touring Oak Bluffs (an unnamed aunt who shall Be LAmenting It lateR).

Please sign into the
Guestbook and provide us with your stories from the weekend.  In
particular, we'd love to hear the different stories as to the origins and travels of the
stones we have now collected.  I've been fascinated by the many tales of how these
stones have made their way to the Vineyard.  In my particular case, I offered three
stones into the glass lamp - one for myself, one that Amos picked out on South Beach
in Katama, and another that came from Dick Lavoie ... whose wishes for Carol needed
to be included in some fashion.  (Many, many thanks to Ed Saulnier for his wonderful
words about Carol's father, btw - I almost made it through the whole day without tearing
up ...)

Thanks, again, to everyone.  The day and evening were spectacular and everything
that we could have hoped for.  We are very, very blessed to have such wonderful
family and friends.

Paul and Carol
September 17th, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul