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Here's the current situation:

There is a depression off of the Florida/Georgia coast that we are watching with KEEN
apprehension. is telling us that the depression could "acquire
sub-tropical or tropical characteristics within the next few days.  East Coast interests
should keep careful watch of this anomaly".


So far, the 10 day forecast on the website shows the following:

Monday - Rain
Tuesday - Rain
Wednesday - Rain
Thursday - Rain


So let me get this straight - we have an "anomaly" off the Georgia coast that, right
now, they are predicting will walk its way up the coast and dump a LOT of water onto
our favorite wedding island just in time for a little event on September 15th.

(fyi - as I am writing this Carol is onto her fifteenth glass of wine ... she's taking this

We are now in lock-down mode.  Button down the hatches, keep the kids inside, break
out the galoshes, stock up on canned meat ... our options have been narrowed down
to the following:

1)  We all point our fans toward the East in the hopes that we blow the damn thing
back out into sea.  I mean, if a butterfly in Peru can flap its wings and cause a
hurricane in Idaho ...
2)  We bring extra umbrellas, boots, raincoats, windshield wipers, and goggles.
3)  We leave Mom and Dad in Hilton Head (they ALWAYS bring the rain ... I now refer
you to
blog entry #3.
4)  We pray ... I figure God owes me one after that Appalachian State fiasco ...

Over the next few days Carol, Amos and I will be dancing around Wiccan totems in
Salem to ward off the evil rain spirits.  We IMPLORE each of you to do what you must
to keep us dry.  Do what you must - though please don't sacrifice any small animals
on our account ... except for cats.  Amos says you can do what you will to the cats ...
September 4th, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul