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About 2 and a half weeks away.  My hands are getting sweaty.  Knees are starting to
knock together.  I have a weird quiver in my voice whenever I get tempted to say the
words "I" and "Do" in the same sentence ...

Today's blog is addressed to all of y'all coming in from out-of-town and flying into
Boston's Logan Airport.  The trip from the airport to Woods Hole (and the Martha's
Vineyard ferry) takes about 2 hours (maybe less if you drive like a Midwesterner) and
can be fairly pleasant on a sunny day.

Directions from the Airport to Woods Hole:

Follow the signs from the Rental Car lot toward I-90/Mass Turnpike WEST (The signs
may also indicate Ted Williams Tunnel)

Go through the Ted Williams Tunnel (there is a toll)

Follow the signs for I-93/MA-3 SOUTH and merge onto the freeway headed South.

You'll be on I-93/MA-3 for about 15 minutes or so before the freeway splits.  I-93 will
head to the Right and MA-3 will split to the Left.  Follow MA-3 to the Left.

You'll stay on MA-3 for about 40 miles until you see signs for Cape Cod and the
Sagamore Bridge.  Right before the bridge, at Exit 1A, you'll want to exit onto US-6
toward Buzzards Bay.

Stay on US-6 for about 4 miles until you see the Bourne Bridge.  You'll cross
underneath the Bridge, take the first exit, and continue to bear right until you're
headed back over the Bourne Bridge and onto MA-25 E/ MA-28 S.

You'll continue on MA-28 S for about 14 miles.  Be aware that you'll have to go
through two roundabouts on this trek.  For each roundabout you'll take the exit that is
directly across from where you enter the roundabout - almost as if you would have
kept going straight if the roundabout hadn't been there in the first place.  Just keep
following the signs for Falmouth and you won't get lost.

Now - it is important at this point to pay attention to the signage regarding the ferry
parking lots for the Steamship Authority.  The ferry service maintains about 4 lots, any
of which could be filled up by the time you arrive into Woods Hole.  They do post signs
along Rt-28 that help to direct you as to which parking lot they suggest you use.  
Additionally, you can check with AM 1610 on  your radio.  If you see signs indicating
that the Woods Hole Terminal parking lot is full, the next closest option is to park in
the Palmer Avenue lot.  You'll actually pass this lot on the right as you start to enter
Falmouth, and the shuttle bus is quick and convenient.  If the Palmer Lot is also full,
the signs, radio, or parking attendants will direct you on how to get to the Gifford or
Catamet lots.  None of them are difficult to get to.

The best thing to do is to follow the signs for Woods Hole or Martha's Vineyard Ferry
and you'll find the parking lots with no problem.

The Ferry service, itself, has baggage carts where you can load your heavier gear.  
There's no reason to haul your luggage up and around the decks of the ferry.  And,
while this time of the year should be a little quieter and no one should have any
trouble purchasing tickets, we DO suggest that you give yourself a little bit extra time
at the terminal - just in case you have trouble parking or the shuttle buses are
delayed.  The good news is that the Ferrys run nearly every hour, so it'll just delay
your arrival a bit.

If you find yourself with TOO much time in Falmouth, there are plenty of good
restaurants at which to stop and grab a quick bite.  Carol and I enjoy the Leeside Bar
and Grille in Woods Hole (kind of a hole-in-the-wall, welcome ye' olde fishermen type
of place).  In Falmouth center, we've enjoyed good Italian at La Cucina on Main Street
or grab a beer and a burger at Liam Maguires, an Irish Pub located just a few doors
down.  There are plenty of other options on Main Street, as well - just follow the signs
off Rt-28 to get to Falmouth Center.

For those of you who do better with pictures, the following two documents map the
directions from Boston to Woods Hole.  One is in a PDF format and the other is in
Microsoft Powerpoint. ... I know ... I'm a geek ...

Boston to Woods Hole Directions (Powerpoint)
Boston to Woods Hole Directions (PDF)
August 28th, 2007
September 15, 2007