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Oh yeah!  He's on a roll now!

So, I finally booked the honeymoon tickets this week and figured that this would be a
great way to fill some space on the blog-o-meter.  Carol and I are really excited about
the upcoming travel and are looking forward to some nice, long vacation time.  I've
determined that the honeymoon concept is less about connecting with your new
spouse as much as it is to recover from all of the wedding planning that has sucked all
of your free time for the past ... um ... 14 months.

So, anyway - as most of you know, Carol and I are actually taking the week before the
wedding off from work and will be down on the Vineyard rounding up last minute
details and trying our best to relax before everyone descends upon us.  Since that
takes up a considerable chunk of our vacation time this year, we decided that  
full-blown honeymoon would have to wait until 2008, when we could do it right.  
However, we still wanted to sneak away for a few days somewhat shortly after the
wedding, as well.  Maybe call it a "mini-moon" where Carol and I can just enjoy being
married for a few days before work and the holidays start creeping in on us again.

So, we've decided to take TWO honeymoons.  Why not, right?  I mean, you only get
married once ... unless you're Liz Taylor, in which case her entire life has been a

As for us, we're going to take a long weekend during the last week in September and
fly out to Napa Valley.  We'll fly out on Thursday evening, Sep. 27th and come back
on Monday, Oct. 1st.  That gives us three days in Napa and about a half-day in San
Francisco as we come back.  We're booked at a cute little bed and breakfast in the
middle of town of Napa called The Magnolia Inn.  We plan on partaking of lots of wine
tastings, maybe a spa treatment (my fungus-y toes could use some TLC!), and some
enjoy some really good food.  We even have a few hours in San Francisco on the way
back where we hope to wander around, visit Chinatown, Ghiradelli Square, and some
of the other sites of the city.  Should be a fun three days.

Then we come back and wait until the monsoon season in the South Pacific dies down
before flying out on our extended honeymoon in April of '08.  We are fortunate (if
that's the right term) that I travel so much for work, as I had a ton of frequent flier
miles to dedicate to our vacation.  Given a chance to go just about anywhere in the
world, we've decided that we'll head to Tahiti for two weeks and bask in the equatorial
sun.  We're leaving on April 25th and, after an 11 hour layover in Los Angeles that will
allow me to show Carol all of my old haunts, we arrive in Papeete, Tahiti on April 27th.
 Yes.  It takes two days to get there.  Thank you, International Date Line.

We plan on spending 12 nights on the various islands of French Polynesia, hoping to
get in time between the main island of Tahiti, it's sister island Moorea, and the tranquil
oasis of Bora Bora.  We'll sip foo-foo drinks all day and enjoy the beaches, the hiking,
the colorful culture, the shopping, and anything else we may decide to do.  Carol has
it on her list to get us some surfing lessons somewhere!

On the way back, just due to how the frequent flier points & the air carrier worked out,
we actually end up having a long layover in Auckland, New Zealand.  A three and a
half day layover, to be exact.  So, it's kind of like a little extra bonus at the end of the
trip to be able to explore Auckland and its surroundings as well!  Carol's been dying to
go back to New Zealand for some time, so I'm glad that she gets to show me a little bit
of it - even if it's just for a few days.

We'll arrive back in Boston by May 12th and, unfortunately, are back to work
immediately the next day.  Hopefully, though, we'll have plenty of pictures to share
with everyone so we can avoid doing any real work for at least a little while!

Looking forward to seeing you all in about 4 weeks!
August 17th, 2007
September 15, 2007