posted by Paul:

Sheesh!  You know you're pretty busy when two months pass by and you don't get
around to posting a blog entry.  Which is a shame, 'cause all sorts of fun things have
happened over the past few months that I needed to bring everyone up to speed on!

Starting with the invites - we FINALLY got the little buggers written and mailed.  If I
could express the sheer frustration in trying to get those invites out to everyone ...
many thanks to Mom Lavoie for collating and indexing all of the invites and make
certain that you mention to Carol how nice the lettering was on the envelopes.  She
spent a LOT of time on those envelopes and I'm just pleased to have her back to
normalcy again!

She did take a break during July, though, and have her bridal shower.  It was a very
colorful affair thrown by the bridesmaids at Trish's house in Beverly.  Since it was
supposed to be a surprise, I was left with the unfortunate responsibility of keeping the
time and place secret from her during the summer.  However, she obviously knew it
was coming and would CONSTANTLY bug me about whether this Sunday was going
to be her shower.  Despite all of that, though, she was still pleasantly surprised for the
event.  I had had a colleague of mine from work (whom Carol and I occasionally get
together with) invite us to the Danversport Yacht Club to watch him and his family
perform in a Jazz ensemble on Sunday, July 15th.  As it turned out, Craig was just
running interference for me as, on our way to the Yacht Club, I pulled off onto Eastern
Ave. and deposited a surprised Carol at her shower.  It was a wonderful time and
special thanks go to Nancy, Beth and the rest of the bridesmaids for planning the
event - and to all of the ladies who showed up and made it special.  Carol commented
afterward that it was almost surreal going through her OWN shower, after having
spent so many watching other brides open their gifts.

Anyway - August came and Carol was AGAIN out with the girls.  This time on her
bachelorette party as Chris took the lead in organizing a fun evening for the
bride-to-be.  The evening was, apparently, split between a fun afternoon of cooking
classes at Eurostoves in Beverly followed by a late night harbor cruise from Boston.  
Carol had a great time with all of the fun ladies who showed up.

Amos and I watched manly shows and bonded.  He made waffles.  We had fun.

Which brings us to last weekend where Carol and I, once again, found ourselves in a
whirlwind tour of Vineyard Vendors.  In the course of about a day and a half, we
managed to visit with our photographer, our organist, our florist/designer, the liquor
people, and our minister.  Frankly, we're thrilled with them all.  And many thanks to Jim
and Rosalie for allowing us to stay in their house for another crazy weekend.  I think
we saw them for all of about 10 minutes - they've been very patient with us!

Just one more month and, hopefully, this whole shindig goes off without a hitch.  Carol
and I are both waking up in the middle of the night having had recurring nightmares of
forgetting something critical for the wedding, or showing up at the wrong time.  This
whole mess is just way too stressful!  I think that, once the week begins, things will
start to settle down and we can relax and enjoy ourselves during the different events.

With that, I'll sign off on yet another invigorating web blog.  Remember to go
searching for some good stones out there - can't wait to see what y'all come up with!
August 15th, 2007
September 15, 2007
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