posted by Amos:

Woof!  Dad's busy today, so I'm writing.  Not very good at it.  Paws too big for
keyboard.  Using nose.  Going slow.

Hi!  Bring food.  I like milk bones, rawhide, fudge, black bananas, and that gooey stuff
on the bottom of Carol's shoes.  I like giving kisses too.

(hold on - cute beagle outside .... WOOF! <wag, wag, wag>  yeah ... she likes me ...
oops.  That's Jake out there ... WOOF!)

Bring frisbee.  I like catching it and running after it and swimming with it and fudge and
bananas ... sorry.

They love me on the Vineyard.  I have my own clothing line.  Black Dog.  I think it's
black ... I'm color blind ... all dogs are black to me.

I think there's something in the couch over here ... <wag, wag> ... I can almost reach
it.  Just need to get these pillows out of the way ... uh-oh - Mom's not going to like
what I just did to that pillow.  I wonder if ... no, wait!  There it is!  I ... oh, it's just a
rubber band ...

YEA!  A rubber band!  <chew, chew, swallow>

Come visit me at my houses.  Salem or Vineyard.  Dad says we're getting a big place
down there so I can run around and tire out.  I'm gonna pee on his shoes now.

I'm back.  Feeling much better.

Hi!  Bring food.

Come visit!  We can run and swim and chase squirrels and sniff each others' butts.  
I'm looking forward to it!  And, if we get really tired, I'll let you rub my belly.  oooooh ...
belly rubs ... mmmmmmm ....

gotta go.  Mom's home.  I can't tell if she's happy to see me or if she's found the pillow
yet ...
June 27th, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul