posted by Paul:

Wow, it's nice to have the warm weather back.  Carol and I have been really enjoying
the nice days outside, commuting in on the ferry in the morning, taking long bike rides
around Columbia Point during lunch breaks.  Carol has challenged me for a couple of
weeks now to grill something new every night - and so far I've been successful,
without even slipping into ye olde hamburgers & brats.

Lots of happenings over the past few weeks, none more exciting than Mike and Holly
welcoming home little Steven Michael Landsittel!  Steven had a rough first couple of
weeks (a little baby pneumonia and other complications - but, luckily, none of them
serious).  He's home, though, and it sounds as though Mike and Holly are in the first
panicked stages of parenthood!  Aunt Carol and Uncle Paul can't wait to see the little
guy for the first time this weekend!

As for only SLIGHTLY less important news - Carol had her first dress fitting last week
and was thrilled with the results!  She's been on an aggressive workout schedule the
past few months and has really toned up and is getting down to her ideal weight.  
She's looking hot (I'm biased - but it's true!) and it's great to hear that her first fitting
went so well!  It sounds as though the gown is coming together and the little
adjustments she wants to have done are going to be no concerns whatsoever.

We've also chosen the invites and are preparing to get those out over the next week
or so.  What a hassle.  Y'all know you're invited - just come.  Drink our beer ...

The rest of the planning is coming along, as well - we only have one more major
decision to make and then it's a matter of making certain all of the little details are
handled for the week.  I admit that I've been a little overwhelmed by the details (and
Carol will attest that I wake up at night with weird nightmares of the photographer
showing up with a disposable camera or forgetting to pick up my tuxedo on time ...)  
But Carol keeps assuring me that everything will get done ... so funny that she's the
calm one here.  Is there such thing as a Groomzilla?

Anyway, that's the brief update!  Have a great summer, y'all!
June 15th, 2007
September 15, 2007