posted by Paul:

Carol and I have fun news to announce as we have expanded our wedding party to
include two more of our closest friends.  My close friend Patty Russell and Carol's
friend Mike Gillespie have agreed to stand up with us for the ceremony!

Now, I realize that it may seem a little odd to add a couple of people to the party so
late in the planning process.  But the good thing about having a 15 month
engagement is that we can make up for mistakes made earlier on.  And not including
Patty or Mike in our wedding would have been a huge mistake.  They've been great
friends who have supported us in so many ways that we just want everyone to know
how special they are in our lives.

So, with that out of the way, we can talk about the rest of the wedding planning!

Carol and I are headed down to the Vineyard for Memorial Day weekend to wrap up a
couple of key items.  She's got appointments to meet with the florist, the tent rental
people, the cake decorator, and with the minister.  Somehow we'll fit all of this into two
days so that we can still be back to Salem for Monday's holiday.  In any event, it's
good to see some of the details starting to fall together.  About two months ago we
finally sat down and wrote out a list of all the minor details (ie. remember to purchase
disposable cameras, decide the seating arrangements, etc.).  That list has since
ballooned to over 200 "to-do's", but at least we feel comfortable that we're not going
to forget anything.

This week, I crossed off a major item as I picked up the wedding bands Carol and I
had picked out.  We bought the bands at EB Horn & Co. in Downtown Crossing in
Boston.  They're an eclectic jewelery shop with a wide assortment of traditional styles,
estate jewelery and antique rings.  Carol chose a beautiful (seriously - it's gorgeous)
white gold eternity band that alternates round diamonds with emerald cut diamonds.  I
chose a much more pedestrian band that has a two-toned polish to it.  Though I did
impart a little uniqueness to the band as the metal is made of Palladium.

We also recently hosted Karen Thayer's bridal shower at our condo last weekend.  
Karen is going to be our new sister-in-law when she exchanges vows with Tom Lavoie
on June 3rd!  And Carol did a great job of pulling together a surprise shower for her,
complete with a little squeek of glee from the happily stunned bride!  We're really
thrilled for the new couple.

Aside from that, things are going swimmingly up here in the Northeast.  The weather is
warm (well - for New England) and the dog is enjoying his longer walks in the morning.
 Soon enough, it may even be warm enough to allow him into the harbor for some
early morning swims!  A couple of floaties for the arms and he'll be just fine!

Have a great spring, wherever you may be as you're reading this!
May 16th, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul