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Alright - time to discuss transportation.

I've had a number of inquiries into what the best method is to get to and around the
Island for the weekend.  Carol and I recognize that this isn't the easiest wedding to get
to, so, first of all, THANK YOU for even considering going through this hassle.  
Hopefully we'll make it all worth your while.

Now, the easiest and least stressful way to get to Martha's Vineyard is to fly US
Airways out of Philadelphia or New York LaGuardia straight onto the Island.  However,
these flights are both expensive (~$200 more than flying into Boston) and tend to
book up quickly.  The other option for flights is Cape Air, which has flights from the
Boston Logan airport down to Martha's Vineyard for ~$200.

The other option is to fly into Boston and either take a Bus (Peter Pan Lines - the
Bonanza Bus runs from Logan to the Woods Hole ferry, though check the schedule to
ensure you aren't waiting a few hours for the next bus!) or rent a car and drive down
to Woods Hole.  In either case, you'll need to get yourself to Falmouth/Woods Hole to
catch the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard.  (Please note that the trip to Woods Hole
will take about 2 hours from Boston, so it's not an insignificant drive!)

There are basically two ferries that we would recommend.  The first is the Steamship
Authority, which will drop you off either in Vineyard Haven (~20 minutes from
Edgartown) or Oak Bluffs (~10 minutes from Edgartown, but walking distance to the
Wesley Hotel).  The Steamship Authority also ferries cars over, so it's the only option
if you want to bring that rental car onto the Island.  The other ferry option is the
Falmouth Ferry (known as the Pied Piper) that transports just people (and pets) right
into Edgartown proper (easy walking distance to the reception site and local B&B's).  
The Pied Piper is more expensive ($30 vs. $7 on the Steamship Authority) but is very
convenient, as well.  (Also - please note that the Pied Piper leaves from a different
port than the Steamship Authority.  Check with the appropriate boat operators to
determine where to go to catch the right ferry!)

Once you get on the Island, you have a couple of different options to get around.  If
you're just looking to explore the towns and beaches, I think we would recommend
taking Taxis or renting bicycles to get around.  If you have an idea that you may want
to explore the Island or take off for an obscure fishing location, then a rental car may
be the best option.  The Steamship Authority fares can be pretty steep ($124 round
trip) or you can rent a car on island from Hertz or Budget.

All of this information is on our
"Getting Around" web page.  I've included links and
additional contact information for everyone to use.

I know that this may all seem confusing, but hopefully it's not too overwhelming.  The
good news is that the reward (in all that Martha's Vineyard has to offer) is well worth it!

Looking forward to seeing y'all in September!
March 27th, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul