posted by Paul:

Wow!  Two months later, I finally get around to writing the latest installment to the
Blog.  Many apologies to the Foreign & Associated Press for my tardiness!

Anyway - Carol and I have been really enjoying the winter here in Massachusetts,
despite the cold weather and lack of snow.  In between entertaining people at our new
condo, sneaking away to Newburyport for dinner, taking cooking classes in Beverly,
and relaxing at the Hawthorne Inn Tavern with a glass of Drambuie, we've managed to
have a lot of fun.  I think that we're ready for spring, though.  I know Amos is looking
forward to being able to swim in the harbor again!

As for the main reason for this blog - Carol spent yesterday calling around to some
Inns and Hotels on the Island to see if we could reserve additional rooms for the
wedding.  As the Save the Date cards indicated, we have rooms set aside at the
Wesley Hotel - all you need to do is reference the Lavoie/Schuster wedding to make
the reservation.

Unfortunately, only one couple (thanks Suz & John!) has reserved space at the
Wesley, so far.  Even worse is that we called a couple of Inns in Edgartown to find that
they are already booked solid for that weekend and don't have any available rooms
for our guests.

So, I'm making the pitch again - PLEASE RESERVE EARLY!!!!  The last thing we want
to see happen is to have our friends and family forced to pay exorbitant prices (or
worse - not be able to come because the cost is too expensive) because of last
minute reservations!  This weekend is the most popular weekend on the Island for
weddings, and it's obvious that rooms are being snatched up quickly.

Now, for those of you looking for reasonable accommodations at a reasonable price,
we would certainly suggest the Wesley.  It IS a little distance from the ceremony and
reception, but the reason we chose it was due to its modest price tag.  And Oak Bluffs
can be a great central point for your own explorations of the Island.  If you'd rather
stay in or near Edgartown, we'd suggest calling the Ashley Inn or Victorian Inn.  Both
are very nice, though the rates are obviously much more expensive.  Carol is also
reserving a block of 10 rooms at the Clarion Inn for our guests (which includes a 10%
discount!) The rooms are still a little pricey but hearty guests will be able to stumble
home from the reception - which could be a plus?

For a whole assortment of lodging options, please check out the following
spreadsheet.  It has a vast array of price points and amenities for the various rooms
and can be a good reference tool to start your research from.

My next blog will cover transportation to and from the Island, as I'm getting many
requests as to what our guests should consider.  Please stay tuned for that update,
as well.

And, as always, Carol and I are thrilled that so many of the people who are closest to
us are looking forward to spending their time being with us in September.  It means an
extraordinary amount to both she and me to realize the effort everyone is going
through to be on the Island for that weekend and share in our celebration.  Thanks so
March 22nd, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul