posted by Paul:

They say that the ghosts of the old whaling captains sometimes stroll the streets of
Edgartown.  Though, during the summer, with its crush of tourists and the frantic
energy of weekenders, perhaps those specters find older, more remote streets to
haunt.  They disappear for a few months, leaving only the breath of a whisper.  But
during the winter, with the cold blast of the January freeze in your face, you can
almost hear the chuckles of those old Vineyard whalers as they come back out into
the open ...

oh yes ... they're laughing at you ...  they are DEFINITELY laughing at you ...

Take, for instance, that episode with the Jeep.  Oh, you know the story.  Remember
the trip down to the Vineyard on that cold January weekend?  And how Nancy, Carol
and you were all going to drive over to the tent rental agency to discuss rental
specifics?  And, here you were, thinking that a few months in the cold New England
weather wouldn't possibly affect the poor Jeep that the Shanes keep at their home.  It
started, after all.  Though, perhaps it was the chattering of the engine that should
have been a clue.  Or the painful whistling sound coming from under the hood?  No.  
You drove the Jeep down the block and only decided to pull over after blue smoke
started to billow out from under the hood and assail your nostrils with the lovely smell
of burnt rubber.

Oh yes ... those Edgartown ghosts were certainly laughing as you and Nancy had to
push the Jeep back down the road and into the driveway, short of breath and fighting
for air.  Haughty Vineyarders ...

And, my dear friend, have you forgotten the rest of the weekend?  Were the ghosts
delighted by your escapades with the cat?  

Oh yes - they saw that, as well.  

Those panicked moments as everyone begins to pack and yet the cat has gone
missing.  A frantic search through the house, knowing that the ferry is going to leave
with or without you aboard.  Those crazy minutes ticking by as the four-legged, furry
feline is nowhere to be found.  Oh yes - the ghosts must have surely delighted in
seeing Nancy and Carol stumble and grope their way through the cellar, into the crawl
space underneath the building, and down into the darkness, filled with cobwebs, dust,
half-torn insulation ... and one very annoying tabby, delighting in his little game of
hide and seek.  The ghosts enjoyed that, indeed.

But, then again, you did catch the ferry, didn't you.  And the planning you went to the
Island to accomplish ... well, it did get done, didn't it.  The barrenness of the Island
can even be beautiful, at times, can't it.  The bare branches of the trees framing the
stark blue of the ocean ...

And the soft laughter of ghosts as they stroll on ......
January 22nd, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul