posted by Paul:

It's been a couple of weeks, so I thought that a new blog entry was in order.

Unfortunately, I don't know what I'm going to write about.  

It may prove to be more stream of consciousness than anything else, though I had a
few topics that I guess I could touch on.  Namely:

1)  The current decline of the marshmallow market in the US
2)  The use of "orange" as a car color (It worked for the General Lee - not for
everyday cars.  I'm looking at YOU, Honda)
3)  The ancient battles of the Greeks and Triphodons (a lesser known tribe than the
Corinthians who couldn't afford elephants and rode pigs into battle instead)
4)  The wedding planning

hmmm .....

Carol and I hosted her niece and nephew, Cate and Bill, for the long holiday weekend.
 The seven year olds wore us down, but we had a great time playing board games, ice
skating, going to the movies, and gorging ourselves on ice cream sundaes!  On
Saturday, Carol brought her sister, Beth, as well as Cate and Mary to the bridal shop
to try on dresses for the girls.  There's nothing quite as cute as a two-year old in a
poofy dress.

We also have most of the Save the Date cards done.  Carol's missing a few key
addresses, or else we would have sent them out already.  Hopefully everyone is
making plans for the big weekend already.  If we haven't emphasized it enough,
PLEASE make your reservations early and book your travel soon.  That weekend is a
very popular weekend for weddings and we don't want anyone to be left scavenging
for a hotel room at the last minute.

Carol and I are headed down to the Island this upcoming weekend with Nancy and our
good friend Andrea.  We plan on interviewing some photographers and officiants, as
well as discuss particulars with the florist, the tent rental agency, and (hopefully) with
the caterer.  It's amazing the amount of work and effort that this event can consume -
but, in a sense, the journey to September 15th has been (and will CONTINUE to be) a
lot of fun.  We're enjoying the process, even thru the bumps and snarls that have
encroached upon us (goodbye original budget estimate - hello debt!)  I figure that the
party's going to last about 6 hours, but it takes 15 months to get there.  Let's at least
enjoy the process, too!

Alright - I've babbled enough.  Next posting, maybe I'll write down some of my thoughts
on the Vineyard and what y'all can expect when you come and visit.  

Or we can discuss marshmallows ...
January 17th, 2007
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul