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And, all together with me - Happy Birthday to Amos!  (The little demon turns 3 today -
and you can tell that he's starting to mellow.  Personally, I think the guy's going
through a mid-life crisis, but I'm hoping he'll snap out of it ...)

The holidays treated us well this year - Carol and I were in Hilton Head for Christmas,
visiting my parents and Jeff and Kaethe who had made the trip down from Chicago.  
We had also flown the dog down, as well, and J&K had brought down their two dogs,
Sake and Gibson.  Needless to say, it was a full house, indeed.  I think Mom and Dad
were thrilled to finally get rid of us and get back to normalcy.  Besides, I think they
tired of the 6 AM doggie alarm clocks after about, oh, a day ... And I'm sure that the
golf course security guards are VERY pleased to see us leave ... not that I know
anything that might incriminate us ...

The trip was a blast - we really enjoyed the break from Massachusetts weather (even
though the temperature up north has been extraordinarily mild this winter, so far).

Our good friends Nancy and Mike hosted New Years for us in Boston - we had a great
time with them, their friend Dave, and our friends Liz, Tara, and Chris at Taranta in
the North End (AMAZING food!) before going over to Nancy and Mike's for desserts,
cocktails, and watching of the ball drop.  Carol's brother Tom and future sister-in-law
to be, Karen, also showed up, as did Laura and Jim from Carol's work.

However, it's a relief to have the holidays done and behind us so that we can start to
focus on wedding planning again!  We still have a lot to get accomplished over the
next few months, and it's crazy to believe that Carol and I have already been engaged
for 7 months.  Just around 8 months left!  Yowzer!

The one good thing that did happen over the last month is that Carol found and
purchased her wedding dress!  It's a sleek, form fitting dress made of a blue nylon &
polyester blend with huge arm ruffles, a deep cleavage cut, a flowery, purple hat,
matching knee high boots, and a bunch of cubic zirconia in the shape of a unicorn on
her back!  I haven't seen it yet, but Carol's description of it was really quite good.  I
can't wait to see it!

Everything else, for us, has been going quite well.  My company, PowerAdvocate, had
a tremendous year in 2006 and so the Managing Directors threw something of a big
blowout party for us at the Four Seasons prior to the holidays.  Hopefully this year
continues to go strong, as well.  Carol's work at the Museum is getting increasingly
busy as dollars start to roll in from the various grants she has worked on.  The new
space is set to open in October, now, so we're crossing our fingers that it doesn't
interfere too much with our wedding/honeymoon plans.  Hopefully it gets delayed
(again) and Carol can focus on one activity (museum or wedding) at a time.

That's it for the quick update - sorry 'bout not having written anything for December!  
Hopefully everyone had a great holiday season!  Can't wait to see what 2007 and will
bring for everyone.
January 2nd, 2007
September 15, 2007