posted by Paul:

Hello you crazy ghouls!  Carol and I are still recovering from Halloween in Salem, but I
needed to get a quick blog entry up and onto the site before the holiday passes too
far into our past.

As we had thought, Salem definitely turns out in force for All Hallow's Eve, with over
60,000 people descending upon our little pedestrian area, dressed as pirates,
witches, pumpkins, bugs, vampires, and all sorts of various creatures of the night.  
Carol and I took the early train home in order to be there by 5 ... and the trick or
treaters were already out in force.  We spent the evening on our front stoop, handing
out candy, sipping a couple gallons of red wine, and getting to know our neighbors a
little bit better.  'Twas lots of fun.

As for us, well ... we didn't dress up for Halloween evening, but we DID go to a
costume party on Saturday night at our friends' Josh and Jennifer's.  As for what we
went as ...

Happy Halloween y'all!
November 3rd, 2006
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul