posted by Paul:

It was great to have our Engagement Party/Housewarming party be such a success -
it's always good to see so many of our friends and family together in one place.  And
Amos wants to say a special "thank-you" to whomever was feeding him off the cheese
platter all night ...

Understandably, we're just now getting back into the wedding details, glad that we still
have ... what is it ... eleven months to the wedding.  (wow - it seems like just yesterday
that we had fifteen months remaining ... what happened here?)

Some critical details have been cleaned up, though.  We've posted our engagement
photo on the homepage of this website - many thanks to Blake Fitch for persevering
through that little photo session!  Her pictures came out great, though, and we're
thrilled to have a couple of pics celebrating this phase of our engagement.

Carol and I have also nailed down the wedding party (finally) and you can read some
brief bios for everyone on the
Wedding Party page of this website.  We're still tracking
down pictures for most everyone, and we need to make up some good lies for some of
the folks, as well, but those are just details.  We're just pleased that we can introduce
our visitors to the gracious people that are going to be helping us through this

Which gives me a great opportunity to throw a hearty thank you to my Mom and Dad
for being gracious enough to let us run with the majority of the planning on this
shindig!  They've been really great in allowing us to pull together the type of party we
both envision.  And Mom Lavoie (!!) has been spectacular - there's no way we could
get half of this done without her help, assistance, and minivan!

As for other details, I believe Carol has picked out a bridesmaid dress for her side of
the aisle.  I'll let her get on here, eventually, and fill y'all in on the details (maybe I can
convince her to track down a photo?)  And I've put a
Guestbook link on the site that
(hopefully) will enable visitors to leave a quick message for us!

Thanks, all, and the newest residents of Salem wish y'all a great upcoming Halloween!
October 20, 2006
September 15, 2007