posted by Paul:

We've moved.  Change your address books, update your Christmas card lists, call the
credit collectors.  We're eating off boxes, rewearing yesterday's clothes, and Amos is
sleeping on discarded couch cushions ... or he is until we can find the couch.  It's
chaos, but we're happy.

The move, itself, though, is another story.  

I had rented a UHaul truck for Saturday, confident that Carol and I would be able to
move the meager belongings of our tiny one bedroom condo from Brookline to Salem.
 Carol, on the other hand, had NO desire to be moving our larger furniture pieces by
ourselves.  She was probably wiser than I, but I had already rented the UHaul, so ...
We compromised by having Carol hire two sets of movers to help us lift and load the
heavy stuff - one pair of movers for Brookline to help us load the UHaul and a different
set of movers for Salem to help us unload.

We were nervous about the group in Brookline, since Carol had found them on
Craig's List for a ridiculously reasonable price.  Who knew what we were going to get?
 At least the movers in Salem were coming from a reputable company, even if they
were about 3 times the price.

Our fears were allayed, however, when the pair of movers in Brookline showed up
smartly at 7:30 AM and immediately got to work in moving our belongings into the
UHaul truck.  Two and half hours later we were fully packed into the truck and were on
our way up to Salem - just in time, as we needed to meet the team of movers in Salem
by 11 o'clock.  No problem.

we waited for them to show up.  It was about noon when we started to really question
hold of anyone on the phone who could explain what the story was.  1 o'clock rolls
what was going on.  We still had no movers and Carol was having trouble getting a
hold of anyone on the phone who could explain what the story was.  1 o'clock rolls or
around and I'm starting to panic.  My UHaul needs to be back to Brookline by 5 o'clock
Where were the movers and why wasn't anybody answering the damn phone?
or I'm stuck with it until Monday - two extra days and who knows what sort of late fees.  
Where were the movers and why wasn't anybody answering the damn phone?

Carol's really getting mad by the time we finally reach someone at the moving
company - at 1:30 PM.  They give her a lame excuse of having had her scheduled for
a two hour move between 2 and 4 ... which was ridiculous, given that Carol had called
them back the previous day to confirm the original 11-1 window.  But, whatever, at
least they would show up in half an hour an get the truck unloaded in time for me to
leave Salem by 4 and head back to Brookline.

2 o'clock and no movers.

3 o'clock and no movers.

Carol's been on the phone every five minutes, at this point, and finally finds out that
the crew is supposed to be here by 3:30.  In the meantime, I'm frantically unloading
the truck of everything I can possibly handle - moving it all out onto the sidewalk so
that we can at least unload the truck!  I need to leave by 4 and they aren't getting
here until 3:30??

3:30 and no movers!

Carol and I are freaking - what do we do?  At 3:45, finally, a truck shows up and the
crew jumps out.  I don't think I even introduced myself as I barked orders to get the
final few pieces of furniture off the truck - the entire sidewalk is covered with our stuff.  
Boxes, couches, bookcases, TVs, you name it.  I figure if we can just unload the truck,
Carol can direct the movers on where everything goes in the condo while I'm hauling it
back to Brookline.

3:55 and the truck is empty.  I give a half-hearted wave to the crew as I peel around
the corner.  I just may make it!

I'm not even out of Salem when I get a panicked phone call from Carol - "Paul!  The
movers just walked out on me!!!"




After I had left, one of the movers had apparently started to give Carol a hard time
about how our bedroom furniture wasn't going to fit up the narrow stairwell in the back,
and how, even with three of them, it was still going to take 3 hours to move everything.
 Carol cracked.  She absolutely lost it and started to lay into them about how they
were 5 hours late, had 3 people instead of the 2 we had in Brookline, and how she
and I had already MOVED everything out of the truck!  If they couldn't get it done in 2
hours, then something was seriously wrong!  The two of them started yelling back and
forth, with the mover finally throwing his hands in the air and yelling to his crew "That's
IT!  We're out of here!"  At which point Carol throws her body in front of the door.  
"Uh-uh - you aren't going anywhere!  You're going to move this furniture or else!"  
The mover must have been loco, or something, 'cause he storms over to the door to
our deck and yanks it open - "I'm going to jump, then.  And maybe I'll break my leg -
and if I do, YOU are going to libel!"

Carol, picturing this guy splattered on our new backyard, flung open the front door
and practically kicked the movers on the way out.  "Get out!"  They stormed off, past
all of our stuff still on the sidewalk, as Carol gave me the call - "Paul!  The movers just
walked out on me!!!"


Now what were we going to do?  Do I keep heading toward Brookline?  Even if I turn
around, we're going to need help getting some of those pieces into the condo ... Carol
and I both started calling friends and family to see if there was anyone who might be
able to help us out.

Carol's brother Tom answered the call.  He and his fiancee, Karen, were supposed to
have dinner at a nice place in Worcester that evening and see if it was a good spot for
their wedding reception.  Naturally, Carol and I felt horrible as they cancelled their
reservation and brought along Karen's daughter, Jennifer, to help us move.  They
picked me up at the UHaul in Brookline (I had JUST made it!) and I called Carol back -
hoping that the hour and half had dampened her fiery disposition.  She was sitting
outside, on the couch, with the dog, protecting our belongings.  Turns out that she
had taken a small box upstairs only to return to a crowd of people gathered around
our stuff thinking that it was a yard sale!

Needless to say, Tom and Karen (and Jennifer) were lifesavers.  We arrived back in
Salem and moved everything into the condo.  We even got the bedroom furniture up
the back stairwell without any trouble (thank you VERY much, Town and Country
Movers).  And it turned out that we all had a great time laughing and sympathizing with
how the move had gone so crazy.  I keep picturing Carol, hunched down and blocking
the front door like a hockey goalie as the mover tries to swing his leg over the rail and
jump.  Oh man - what a welcome to Salem.

So - we're here.  Finally.  With everything (we think).  
October 5, 2006
September 15, 2007
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