posted by Paul:

Well, yesterday we closed on the new condo in Salem.  It's a great place, almost twice
as much space as we had in Brookline (we're up to a spacious 1400 sq ft!) and is
within walking distance to the harbor, the Common, the pedestrian district, and the all
important English pub.  Most importantly, it's Carol's and my FIRST big decision
together, and we're very excited about beginning our new life in this location.

Personally, I can't be happier about moving to the North Shore.  We're both going to
miss the convenience and vibrancy of being near the center of Boston, and I'm sure
that the commute will force us to diligently keep track of train schedules from now on,
but we also feel like we're opening up new possibilities for us, as well.  We have
access to the water, more room for entertaining, and are still within driving distance of
all of our wonderful Mass. friends.

No doubt about it, though, Salem's a funky town that may take some getting used to.  
The witch thing they have going definitely needs to be toned back - Amos and I are
already planning a late night pee raid on the Wax Museum's figurines.  But it seems
like the city is headed in the right direction.  The Peabody Essex museum is a
stunning jewel that could, single-handedly, revitalize the entire area.  And you can
already see the progress that's being made in the downtown area (new kitchen
boutiques, pet specialty stores, new coffee houses and Polish deli's are popping up
everywhere)  And there are a host of young urbanites (like ourselves) moving into the
upscale condo market that is currently booming in the area.  The city is going younger
and hipper and that can be a very good thing.  Hopefully Carol and I are around long
enough to watch the transformation first-hand.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to visit us soon & often.  We now have an
extra bed and Amos promises not to mistake you for a wax figurine.  We can't wait to
show the new place off.  It's going to be a great start to the new beginning.
September 29, 2006
September 15, 2007
Carol & Paul