posted by Paul:

Ah, the wedding registry.  I'm not ashamed to admit it - I was looking forward to this
weekend.  Most guys probably rank this alongside bridesmaid dress shopping, but I
have two things going for me:

1)  I'm a kitchen gadget nut and
2)  I love getting gifts!

This weekend was the opportunity to finally put together the wish list to end all wish
lists - and formalize my dreams of new copper pots, cast iron pans, pasta makers,
cappuccino machines, and ice cream makers.  Besides, how cool is it to walk around
with those little scanner devices with free reign around the store?  I'd hit the kitchen
store first, then maybe stop by one of those bed & bath superstores.  If luck held up, I
was planning on hitting Home Depot later on.  Oh yes!  I had plans for THAT
superstore.  Power tools, wine fridges ... I had had my eye on a grill set that would
curdle your sausage.

Oh yeah, I was looking forward to this.

It was about at this point that my lovely fiancée came into the room and innocently
asked "Are we ready to pick out our china pattern?"


China?  As in expensive, fragile pieces of decorative servingware?  And you want to
bring this within touching distance of a Schuster household?  Let's put it this way -
"Fragile" and "Schuster" don't belong in the same sentence.  I mean, my dog's TAIL
causes shivers to run through china shops across the country.  Amos and I looked at
each other, glanced down at the hot dogs we were having for lunch at that moment
and questioned again, China?

I wanted to be optimistic about this, though.

"Certainly, sweetheart.  Are there some nice University of Michigan patterns we could
choose from?"


About three hours later, when she started to speak to me again, we found ourselves
in the china section of the local store, flipping through catalogs and debating the fine
points of platinum vs. gold rims.  Oh the agony!  Where were the steak knife sets?  
The margarita blenders?  The power tools?  

sigh ...

For your information, we chose the platinum rims ...
September 17, 2006
September 15, 2007