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Oh, that fateful day when parents come together for the first time while the bride and
groom hide in the back hoping that the parents A) don't hate each other but B) don't
get along so well that they start sharing embarrassing stories from childhood!

The Schuster folks descended upon Boston on Wednesday evening.  After thoroughly
wearing them out walking around Beacon Hill, Charlestown, and Faneuil Hall on
Thursday, we fought traffic up to Salem.  We dropped off the little black demon with
Carol's Mom and then all of us piled into the car together and drove down to Salem to
see the condo Carol and I had just gone under agreement with!  Carol met up with us
at the condo with the Realtor and we had a great time checking out the new place,
finding new routes to get to the harbor, and contemplating what will happen when
Amos sees his first broomstick ...

The folks got along great - which is so encouraging to both Carol and I!  We had a
wonderful dinner at Victoria Station, where Carol's brother Tom and his girlfriend
Karen were able to join us as well.  And throughout the night we all thoroughly
enjoyed each other's company and the excitement of the upcoming nuptials.

On Friday, we left early in the morning to drive to Woods Hole and take the Ferry over
to the Vineyard - an opportunity to show my parents the reception site and ceremony
location.  While the Steamship Authority Ferry is a remarkably efficient mode of
transportation to and from the Island, it can be a little daunting for those who have not
visited before.  There's the hour and a half drive from Boston, parking in a remote
commuter lot before cramming onto a bus with all of your luggage.  Drop your bags off
at a luggage cart at the Ferry, board the boat, and hope that (45 minutes later)
everything arrives as it should on the Island.  September is, thankfully, a much less
busier time of year and we're hoping that our guests can either:

1)  Fly onto the Island
2)  Make a reservation to drive their car onto the boat and ferry that across
3)  Feel comfortable taking the cabs and public transportation around the Island

We'll be sending out more information, shortly, on the different options available to

Our weekend trip, though, was great.  We had a guided tour of the Dr. Daniel Fisher
House and of the Old Whaling Church and everyone was pleased to see the tents up
on the terrace outside - giving a more concrete vision to what our wedding day will
really look like!  We then had dinner and drinks with the Shanes at the Coach House
before spending the rest of the weekend playing golf, shopping, and trying (in vain) to
peer through dense fog at the Gay Head cliffs.

Sunday brought sunlight (finally!) and our departure from the Island.  You'll just have
to trust us that September will bring beautiful weather, gorgeous blue skies, empty
streets, and warm fudge ... pray with us!
July 24, 2006
September 15, 2007