posted by Paul:

The day seems to be coming together.  Only 14 and a half months to go!  At this
pace, we'll have the entire thing planned by October ... which could be a good or bad
thing, I guess!

The good thing about planning it so far in advance is that it has allowed us our choice
of reception and ceremony sites, bands, caterers and everything else.  Carol's done a
great job in getting all of the big items sorted out and making certain that we were all
set.  After looking at about 6 different reception sites, we've settled on the Doctor
Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown, just across the lawn from the Old Whaling Church,
where we'll have our ceremony.  The House is owned by the Martha Vineyard
Preservation Trust, which owns a number of historic buildings around the island,
including the Old Sculpin Gallery that Carol remains very much involved in.  We're
thrilled that not only do we have an amazing venue for the reception, but are giving
back to the preservation of the Vineyard's history.

We've settled on a caterer as well - an up-island outfit called Truly Scrumptious.  They
come very well recommended and we're excited to have booked them on such a
popular date!

We've also put in a request for the band - so that, too, is starting to come together.  
They're absolutely amazing and we're thrilled.  We're hoping for a rollicking good
party and we trust everyone will be on their feet dancing by the end of the evening!

condo, trying to find a new place to move to, job stuff, and other various life events -
condo, trying to find a new place to move to, job stuff, and other various life events -
well, we're a little exhausted right now.  Hopefully most of that stuff can resolve itself in
the next few weeks and we can slow down from the million miles-an-hour that we've
been going at recently!
been going at recently!

Thanks to everyone - can't wait to see you on the Island!
July 15, 2006
Carol & Paul
September 15, 2007