posted by Paul:

plan the engagement specifics - where was I going to do it, what was I going to say?  It
 was crazy just trying to hold myself together and not let the secret leak out ahead of
time ...

I didn't have time to think beyond that and comprehend the idea of what was going to
happen once she said "Yes!".  I mean, my part was done, right?  It hit me differently
within about 20 minutes after the proposal when I caught her sifting through wedding
gowns online!  All of a sudden random wedding magazines appeared as if by magic,
and colors I'd never heard of before (cornflower?  sea teal?) were suddenly life or
death considerations!  A preliminary guest list was quickly ballooning to something
less than the population of San Francisco but more than Memphis, and close friends
I'd never met before were asking me if we had set a date yet?  A date?!?!?!?  Why?  
Is September of next year booking up quickly for you, already?

That's when the room started spinning ...

After blacking out and having Amos revive me with some questionable CPR, I began
to realize just what I had gotten myself into.  

oh god ...

Of course, Carol was the calm one of the two of us.  As she told me, she knew that the
stress of planning the wedding was going to get to one of us, sooner or later.  She just
didn't figure it to be within the first 24 hours!  After she straightened me out (read:
fixed me a tall Cap'n and Coke) I started to look at the event in a new way.  Within two
weeks we had settled on a date, the reception site picked out, the budget fixed, and
even managed to whittle the guest list down to something just north of Cedar Rapids.  
Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad, after all?  I mean, I got through the build-up to
the engagement, right?  We've got 14 months to plan this next part!  How tough can
that be?  It's just a matter of getting through the wedding ...

... wait, what's that about planning a honeymoon afterward???
July 7, 2006
Carol & Paul